ANNOUNCEMENT: ASD Marketweek Trade Show

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  • By S. Wyatt Price
ANNOUNCEMENT: ASD Marketweek Trade Show

ANNOUNCEMENT: SBK International will be attending the ASD Marketweek Trade Show August 22-25

ASD Marketweek Las Vegas, Nevada


We at SBK International are proud to announce our table at the coming ASD Marketweek Trade Show! ASD Marketweek boasts 1500 vendors and over 1 million product lines and is known for offering highest margin merchandise, exclusive buyer perks, free educational sessions, and new, trendy products. Every wholesaler should be at this show because a missed opportunity here means a missed opportunity for huge profit margins.


Don’t worry if you think you’ve missed out, there’s still a couple days to register and get your booth prepared for display! As well, ASD Marketweek Trade Show is still offering the opportunity to get $50 off of your entrance ticket, so make sure you jump on this incredible opportunity!


What is ASD Marketweek?


First and foremost this is a B2B show which means you’re buying and selling directly from commercials business to commercials business. Why would this set you apart from the usual buying practices? Because B2B means you’re cutting out the middleman so you get to cut out the middleman’s price. 


ASD Marketweek hosts every kind of vendor from grocery store distributors to gift shops, all the way to fashion brands. The ASD Marketweek Trade Show is host to many unique products as well as the most popular products on the market currently. You’ll be hard pressed to leave this event without finding what you’re looking for.


Over 45,000 buyers from 90 different countries visit ASD Marketweek each year to cash in on the incredible deals presented at ASD Marketweek!


When is ASD Marketweek?


This trade show takes place from August 22-25,2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada and SBK International will be displaying a wide array of hookahs, water pipes, exotic snacks, and much much more!


This show only happens twice a year so if you’re in the area make sure you make an appearance so you don’t miss out on these unbelievable wholesale deals!


Long touted as the most comprehensive B2B whole trade event through the entirety of the United States.


Why Attend ASD Marketweek?


ASD Marketweek has long been known for displaying the most profitable new products at the best price for years and, as I previously mentioned, cutting out the middle man will insure that you and yours get the best prices available. 


Not only does the ASD Marketweek Trade Show offer the best prices around, it also offers free educational seminars to broaden your perception in your chosen field. These are all expert based, industry related topics that are offered, and the educational resources they present are valued at upwards of $100k. 


The average buyer at the ASD Marketweek Trade Show spends around $82k, which evens out to about $2.8 billion annually… if those numbers don’t get you excited I don’t know what will! 

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Where is SBK International?


The SBK International booth will be located at W10007 with everything from water pipes, hand pipes, and hookah, to CBD and Delta8! Not to mention the potential for long term business and networking opportunities available, too!