DTHC- Cone Hanger

Brand: DTHC Glass
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Identifier Code A000772

It’s all About the Drip! Introducing the DHTC Cone Banger Hanger

Any avid toker knows quality is crucial to the ultimate dabbing experience, and quality is usually paired with a high price tag. DHTC comes in clutch for those looking for a bang for their buck with the Cone Banger Hanger! The Cone Banger Hanger comes equipped with a wide rimmed base and borosilicate craft, making this the ultimate product to have in your setup. This can-style rig’s sleek tubing and fixed perc downstem makes this piece all about high quality and efficiency. The Cone Banger Hanger’s fixed downstem is furnished with a showerhead percolator ensuring all hits are smooth as silk. This banger hanger has a bent neck and a flared mouthpiece, making sure all hits keep convenience and optimization at its forefront. The Cone Banger Hanger is garnished with colored accents on its mouthpiece, joint piece, percolator, and rimmed base in your choice of three astounding colors. An honorable mention about the DHTC Cone Banger Hanger is that this piece is really about giving you the most for your money by including a free 14mm male flower side with bubble roll-stoppers. The DHTC Cone Banger Hanger is bound to become your new sidekick!

DHTC Cone Banger Hanger Features

  • Enjoy quality design with the cone banger hanger!
  • Crafted from durable borosilicate glass
  • Wide-rimmed base and flared mouthpiece
  • Bent neck
  • Can-style body
  • 90-degree fixed perc downstem
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