DTHC- Wavy Straight Neck

Brand: DTHC Glass
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Identifier Code A000773

Ride the Waves with the DTHC Wavy Straight Neck Water Pipe!

For all tokers looking for a fun, exciting addition to their glass collection, look no further! DHTC has come in clutch with the Wavy Straight Neck Water Pipe. The DTHC Wavy Straight Neck Water Pipe features glossy tubing crafted from borosilicate glass. This straight tube water pipe’s can-style body is the perfect reservoir for optimal smoke filtration. The Wavy Straight Tube’s wide rimmed base ensures that this piece will stay in its lane while perched atop any desk, counter, or shelf. This water pipe features a 90-degree joint with a fixed perc downstem. The Wavy Straight Neck comes armed with a complementary 14mm male slide with a faithful roll-stopper. The fun really comes into play with the glass-blown wavy accents on its double-diffy percolator. The intricate design of these little waves is enough to admire for a couple of hours before you begin toking with this straight tube water pipe! Always coming in clutch, DTHC is here to spark up fun to ride the waves with this Wavy Straight Tube.

DTHC Wavy Straight Neck Water Pipe Features

  • Enjoy sleek tubed architecture with this straight neck water pipe
  • Can-style body
  • Straight neck with rimmed mouthpiece
  • Wide-rimmed base
  • 90-degree joint with fixed perc downstem
  • Double-diffy perc with wavy accents
  • Colored accents on base and mouthpiece
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