Gambino Bee Pipe Yellow

Brand: Gambino
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Identifier Code B293847

Don't worry, bee happy with the Gambino Bee Water Pipe.

Add some whimsical excitement to your next smoke sesh with the colorful Gambino Bee Water Pipe. Standing at 8-inches tall, this beaker-style water pipe includes a vibrant display of happy buzzing bees and bright yellow honeycombs. Not only is this fantastic water pipe fun to look at, but it also delivers enormous hits that will make your head buzz. The 3-pinch ice catch helps cool your smoke for nice fresh hits every time. The Gambino Bee Water pipe comes with a removable 14mm downstem with an attached flower bowl, a large chamber, and a perfectly angled neck with a flared lip, which reduces splashback. The stem with fixed flower bowl is removable, allowing you to swap out attachments and transform this one-of-a-kind pipe into a concentrate rig. Select from a bright yellow version or the green glow in the dark Gamino Bee Water Pipe!

Gambino Bee Water Pipe Features

  • Beaker style water pipe for dry herb or concentrates
  • Fun, bright, colorful bees and honeycomb motif
  • Angled neck for better smoking comfort
  • Flared lips for increased suction and decreased splashback
  • 3-pinch ice catch
  • Removed downstem with handled flower bowl
  • Measurements: 7" H | 3.25" Diameter
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