Int Trap Noriega 7mm Straight Tube Clear

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Identifier Code GL210000008366

Down from the Ditches, Into the Riches! Introducing the International Trap Star Noriega Water Pipe

International Trap Star brings new elements to your smoking experience with the Noriega water pipe. Much like Mr. Noriega himself, water pipe offers strength and resilience with its thick borosilicate glass craftsmanship. You will not get over how dense and tough the Noriega water pipe; we’re still in awe! Its wide base and height of 11” allows for this water pipe to stand guard and defend against intruding accidents or fallovers. Armed with a removable diffused downstem, all hits will go swifty, smoothly, and without foriegn detection. The Noriega water pipe is armed with a complimentary male slide with a faithful roll-stopper; no herb heists will happen with this piece! The Noriega water pipe features a straight neck and ice pinch so every sesh will be locked and loaded with the coolest hits. Accented with International Trap branded logos on the neck and body, you’ll never forget the masterminds behind this incredible piece. You’ll always want the International Trap Star Noriega Water Pipe to be on your frontlines!

International Trap Star Noriega Water Pipe Features

  • Relish strength and resilience with 7mm thick borosilicate glass craftsmanship
  • Stable wide rimmed base with bubble mouthpiece
  • Straight neck 
  • Ice pinch
  • 45-degree joint with removable diffused downstem
  • 14mm roll-stop male slide
  • International Trap branded logo on neck and body
  • Measurements: 11” height | 5” base diameter v
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