Int Trap Pablo Beaker Clear

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Identifier Code GL210000008365

Straight Outta La Catedral! Introducing the International Trap Star Pablo Beaker Water Pipe

Big and bad like the man himself, International Trap Star’s Pablo Beaker Water Pipe does not fall short of expectation! With a high and mighty height of 17”, 11” of it being pure neck, the Pablo water pipe is not here to mess around. International Trap keeps all avid bud users in mind by including an ice pinch at the base of the neck to ensure all hits will not only be dense and purposeful, but cool and refreshing as well. The Pablo water pipe’s beaker base and borosilicate craft makes this piece ready to withstand all manhunts and accidents. Armed with a removable diffused downstem and complimentary 14mm male slide with a roll-stopper, the Pablo is here to keep all dry herb secured and effortlessly filtrated. This water pipe brings Escobar’s self-made luxuries right to your smoking experience with its sleek tubing and sturdy architecture. The Pablo beaker water pipe is autographed with two International Trap graphics on the neck and bottom of the base. The International Trap Star Pablo Water Pipe came here to impress, and you’ll definitely be taken aback by what this piece can do!

International Trap Star Pablo Beaker Water Pipe

  • Enjoy pristine with this beaker base water pipe
  • Crafted from thick, dense borosilicate glass 
  • 45-degree joint with removable diffused downstem
  • Straight neck
  • Ice pinch
  • International Trap Star branded logo on neck and base
  • Measurements: 17” height | 5” base diameter 
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