Mob 2 Hole Banger Hanger

Brand: Mob Glass
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Blast Off with the MOB 2 Hole Banger Hanger!


Your smoking experience just launched into the stratosphere with the MOB 2 Hole Banger Hanger! The 2 Hole Banger Hanger is a dual-functional glass pipe, and is able to be used for your favorite dry herb or concentrates. This mini water pipe features lustrous tubing made from borosilicate glass, making it a sturdy and durable piece to keep in the front lines of your smoking extravaganzas! The 2 Hole Banger Hanger is equipped with a hollow foot base and a fixed two-hole diffy percolator to give you perfect bubble filtration and percolation for some insanely smooth hits. The 2 Hole Banger Hanger’s can-style body and compact size makes this an amazing rig for concentrate use by preserving the potency and concentration of your concentrates and their terpene profiles! With its bent neck and flared mouthpiece, this banger hanger is made for comfortability and comes in clutch by reducing splashback throughout your seshes. The MOB 2 Hole Banger Hanger is outfitted with colored accents on its fixed joint piece, downstem, and mouthpiece in your choice of 4 galactical color choices! 


MOB 2 Hole Banger Hanger Features

  • Relish in dual-functionality with this compact water pipe! 
    • Can be used for dry herb or concentrates
  • Borosilicate glass craftsmanship
  • Hollow-foot base 
  • Compact, can-style body
  • 90-degree joint piece with fixed perc downstem
  • 2-hole diffy percolator
  • Bent neck with splash guard
  • Flared mouthpiece 
  • MOB branded logo
  • Golden flower-of-life graphic on base
  • Color accents
  • Available in 4 color choices!
  • Measurements: Approx. 5” height | 3” base diameter
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