Mob 5 Hole Slide W/ Horn 14mm Yellow

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code A000553

Take the Bud by its Horns with the MOB Glass 5 Hole Slide with Horn!

Having a quality slide is crucial to the herb smoking experience, and MOB Glass has brought a whole new element to the slide game with the 5 Hole Slide with Horn. The 5 Hole Slide is a 14mm male slide, ready to accompany the perfect female-jointed piece. This slide’s 5 holes allows for your bud to go through a vortex before your glass can get down to the grits of percolating and filtrating your smoke with the big guns! The 5 Hole Slide features a wicked handle that takes on a shape of a horn with insane wig-wag design on the inside. Not only will your bud be taken care of by this slide, you’ll look like a badass when you’re toking with it! The MOB Glass 5 Hole Slide with Horn comes in 5 jaw-dropping colors and a branded logo on its stem. This slide will definitely take your bud by the horns!

MOB Glass 5 Hole Slide with Horn Features

  • Toke like a badass with this 5 hole slide!
  • Glass 14mm male slide 
  • Extended horned handle 
  • Colored wig-wag design
  • 5 hole feature for more airflow 
  • Measurements: 2” height | 1” diameter
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