Mob Crazy 8 BK

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code GL210000008693

A Pipe So Good It’ll Make Ya Crazy! Introducing the MOB Crazy 8 Beaker

MOB Glass has really come in clutch for all tokers with the MOB Crazy 8 Beaker! The MOB Crazy 8 Beaker is all about unique design and impressive functionality. This beaker base water pipe features immaculate architecture crafted from borosilicate glass, making this an insanely sturdy and beautiful water pipe to have as part of your collection. The Crazy 8 Beaker comes locked-and-loaded with a removable diffused downstem to work alongside the pipe’s water reservoir to provide smooth tokes, even if you choose to wow the homies with a lump sum snap! The Crazy 8’s straight neck features 8 lipped structures that serve as the most solid splash guard you could ever ask for, and also gives you lee-way to top the neck off with ice. It’s safe to say this water pipe is all about giving you clean, smooth, icy-fresh hits! The MOB Crazy 8 Beaker features colored accents on its MOB branded logo and rimmed mouthpiece in your choice of 2 wicked colors, making this a piece ready to compliment your aesthetic preferences. The MOB Crazy 8 Beaker has come to deliver, and it’s time to make it yours!


MOB Crazy 8 Beaker Features

  • Smoke in style with the Crazy 8 Beaker!
  • Borosilicate glass craftsmanship
  • Beaker base body
  • 45-degree removable diffused downstem
  • 14mm male slide with handle
  • Straight neck with rimmed mouthpiece
  • 8 lipped structures in neck to serve as an ice pinch and splash guard
  • MOB branded logo
  • Colored accents available in 2 color choices
  • Measurements: Approx. 11” height | 4” base diameter
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