Mob Dichro Slide 14mm

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code GL210000009173

Savor the Midnight Sky with the MOB Glass 14mm Dichro Slide!

MOB Glass is all about making your smoking experience incredibly efficient, the best quality, and the most aesthetically pleasing! MOB Glass doesn’t fall short of their standards with the MOB Glass 14mm Dichro Slide. This glass slide is made from an intricate glass blowing design called dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is made when an artist has stacked layers of glass and aluminum to give a piece shifting colors as it is positioned in various exposures to light. When you take a look at the MOB Glass 14mm Dichro Slide, you can see this intricate design at its maximum potential with its starry-night influences and awe-striking color formations. This male glass slide is ready to be paired with the perfect 14mm female joint piece to send you straight to the stars! MOB Glass has come in clutch with the 14mm Dichro Slide by including two roll-stoppers and featuring this piece in 4 different color options of your choice! The MOB Glass 14mm Dichro Slide is here to send you into different realms, and surely will be a sick choice to your glass collection.

MOB Glass 14mm Dichro Slide Features

  • Relish in intricate design with this dichroic glass slide
  • 14mm male slide 
  • Equipped with roll-stoppers
  • Solid-colored joint piece
  • Available in 4 different color options
  • Measurements: Approx: 2” height | 1” diameter
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