Mob Exo Rig

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code A000348

A Dab a Day with the MOB Glass Exo Mini Dab Rig

The MOB Glass Exo Mini Dab Rig is an elegant exosphere Fab egg rig that is perfect as a daily dabber. The ingenious spherical design lets you savor the real flavor of your favorite concentrate's terpenes as the smoke bubbles through the showerhead perc and gets filtered even more with the body's holes. As the water and smoke move toward the top chamber, it continuously recycles for an ultra-smooth filtered hit. The Exo chamber acts as a volume reducer, which helps keep your water level well-balanced and away from the mouthpiece. Although mini, the MOB Glass Exo is not a dainty rig -- Made from premium borosilicate glass, the rig has a thick flared foundation and is extremely comfortable in hand. The slightly bent neck makes it easy to take hits without strain. The reinforced joint is 10mm female and comes with at 10mm male quartz banger. Standing at approximately 4.5-inches tall, the MOB Glass Exo Mini Dap Rig is a fantastic combination of form and function.

MOB Glass Exo Mini Dab Rig Features

  • Approx. 4.5-inches tall
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • 10mm female reinforced joint
  • Comes with 10mm male quartz banger
  • Bent neck with flared lip
  • Solid thick foundation
  • MOB Logo in neck
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