Mob Fish Bowl Cap Teal SKGA1088

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code S174303

Dab with the Fishies! Introducing the MOB Fish Bowl Cap


Designed with a narrow nose tip, the MOB Fish Bowl Cap helps evenly spread your favorite concentrates, oils, or waxes so you can get the most flavor. The bubble shape offers you easy handling and features a small glass ball inside to promote optimal airflow. On the outside of the MOB Fish Bowl Cap, you’ll find a circular incision to give your concentrate vapor that boost of fresh air it needs during convection! The MOB Fish Bowl Cap is compatible with most banger styles and is an incredible addition to have to your dabbing routine!


MOB Fish Bowl Cap Features

  • Savor perfect dabs with this carb cap!
  • Bubble style cap making the perfect seal for convection
  • Glass-blown ball and incision features to promote optimal airflow
  • Wide handle for comfortable gripping
  • Narrow nose tip for precise control of airflow
  • Colored accents on handle and tip
  • MOB branded logo
  • Measurements: Approx. 2” height | 1” bubble diameter


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