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Stay Locked and Loaded with the MOB Glass FTK Dab Rig 

The MOB Glass FTK Dab Rig is the perfect recycler rig any avid dabber needs for their set up! Designed for the kill, or maybe for the rip, the FTK Dab Rig is ready to pack a punch to the dome. The FTK Dab Rig features sleek tubing and glossy architecture crafted from borosilicate glass. Its sturdy body and wide rimmed base gives you the perfect opportunity to take leisurely dabs from any tabletop surface. The FTK Dab Rig’s fixed downstem is equipped with a showerhead perc and vortex recycler to make sure all dabs are the smoothest, and best dabs, every time. Accompanied with a splash guard, this rig’s bent neck and flared mouthpiece will rid of any unwanted elements in your dabbing routine and will optimize your suction, so you can always stay locked and loaded with the FTK rig! The FTK Dab Rig is outfitted with colored accents on its 90-degree joint piece, percolator and recycler, MOB branded logo, and flared mouthpiece in your choice of two jaw-dropping colors. The MOB FTK Dab Rig is locked and loaded, ready to become your side kick for all dabbing extravaganzas!

MOB Glass FTK Dab Rig Features

  • Stay locked and loaded with this insane rig!
  • Sturdy borosilicate glass craftsmanship
  • Bent neck with splash guard
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • 90-degree fixed perc downstem
  • Showerhead perc and internal recycler
  • Colored accents 
  • Available in 2 color choices
  • Measurements: Approx. 10" height | 4" base diameter
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