Mob Glass Magnus Dragons Blood Red

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code GL210000008357

Smoke with Greatness — Mob Glass Magnus Straight Tube

The higher being of water pipes, this MOB Glass Magnus Straight Tube is greatness incarnate. This thick borosilicate glass pipe measures in at a whopping 16.5" tall and is sleek and clean with a host of functions. The versatile body design, the MOB Glass Magnus Straight Tube, offers tremendous style and features that make smoking a dream. The length also acts as a natural splashguard so that you won't experience any splashback from percolation. The 3-pinch ice catcher is situation in the center of the straight tube neck. Pile in some ice cubes and taste the icy-cool goodness. As this was not mouthwatering enough, a seed of life disc perc is situated inside the 5-inch base. As you inhale, the smoke gets pushed through the tiny holes of the perc and upward to the middle chamber, which houses a diffuser and seed of life perc of added filtration. The long neck offers you a comfortable grip, while the meaty base delivers unparalleled sturdiness. This enormously tall water pope takes a whole bowl's worth of smoke and turns it into deliciously, easy-going rips. The flared mouthpiece is accented with stunning colored glass, which also complements the base. The Magnus has a joint jettisoned out at a 90-degree angle and held tightly in place with a Dewar's joint. The straight tube stands on a 4-inch base, which helps it stand tall and stay that way when filled with water. It does not take much to get the MOB Glass Magnus Straight Tube going — load the 18mm female slide with your favorite dry herb or flower and light it up! 

Mob Glass Magnus Straight Tube Features

  • Crafted to heavy-duty premium borosilicate glass
  • Dual seed of life perc. One is the base and one in the center chamber
  • 3-pinch ice catch centered inside neck
  • Colored rim base offers extra stability
  • 90-degree angle joint and held in place with a Dewar's joint
  • Rimmed mouthpiece with colored glass accent
  • 18mm female ground glass joint
  • Stunning MOB branded logo on neck
  • Measurements: 16.5" Height | 4" Diameter Base
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