Mob Hookah Juniper

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MOB Juniper Hookah


The MOB Juniper Hookah is rolling out lavish design and functionality straight to your hookah set up! The Juniper Hookah is a sleek, refined hookah featuring minimalist aesthetic designs that gives the impression that you paid a hefty price to have this in your collection. The wide glass base of the Juniper Hookah allows this piece to make some incredible bubbles to filtrate your smoke for effortless puffs and tokes. Its stainless steel stem comes in a generous size, allowing you to leisurely hit from your hose and produce dense clouds throughout all seshes. The Juniper Hookah is equipped with two hose ports, so you and the homies can gather around for long talks filled with thunderous clouds in the mix! The Juniper Hookah comes in clutch by including a clay bowl, metal tray, and a complementary hose with an extended metal tip to get the party started once this hookah arrives at your doorstep.


MOB Juniper Hookah Features

  • Enjoy lavish hookah seshes with the Juniper Hookah
  • Russian-style hookah with minimalist aesthetic design
  • Wide tempered glass base
  • 100% stainless steel hookah stem
  • External purge valve for optimal shisha flavor
  • Slip-on hookah hose port
  • Includes: Hookah, metal tray, matching clay phunnel bowl, slip-on hose with extended metal tip, rubber grommets, and set-up instructions
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