Mob Hookah Large Egyptian Bowl

Brand: Mob Hookah
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Identifier Code A000408

Go Big or Go Home! Introducing the MOB Large Egyptian Bowl


Pile your shisha tobacco mountain tall and proud with the MOB Large Egyptian Bowl! The MOB Large Egyptian Bowl brings a whole new game to any hookah user’s experience. The Large Egyptian Bowl is made from 100% clay, making this a bowl that’s easy to clean and will retain a large amount of heat throughout your hookah seshes. The MOB Large Egyptian Bowl features 5 holes in its base, giving you the ultimate platform to place your favorite shisha tobacco on for amazing flavor and smoke quality. Its glazed body adds more durability to the bowl and provides a sleek surface for your shisha leaving you a quick, easy clean up once you’re ready to end your hookah sesh. The MOB Large Egyptian Bowl is made to impress the masses, extend the life of your seshes, and hold mass amounts of shisha. You do not want to miss out on a hookah bowl as great as this!


MOB Large Egyptian Bowl Features

  • Celebrate leisure hookah experiences with this large hookah bowl
  • Made from 100% clay, glazed for durability and easy cleans
  • Simple to use- just place your shisha on top!
  • Improves the longevity and quality of your hookah seshes
  • MOB branded logo
  • Measurements: Approx. 4” height | 4” bowl diameter
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