Mob Hookah Molasses Catcher

Brand: Mob Hookah
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Identifier Code S108664

Catch the Drip! Introducing the MOB Hookah Molasses Catcher


Any avid hookah user knows that after a great sesh comes the hassle of cleaning and maintenance of their favorite hookah. It’s safe to say the most time consuming and hassling part of cleaning our hookahs is handling the molasses that dripped down into the stem, following into the base. MOB Hookah has the cure to rid of the dripped molasses with the MOB Hookah Molasses Catcher! This handy molasses catcher is super easy to use and fits with most hookahs; all you have to do is install the catcher under your bowl on top of the ash tray. The rest is left to the magic of the MOB Molasses Catcher! The MOB Hookah Molasses Catcher is not only easy to use, but is simple to clean and care for after a hookah sesh. This molasses catcher features a screw on lid and trusty grommets that allows for this piece to be broken apart for breezy, efficient cleaning. The MOB Hookah Molasses Catcher is here to catch the drip, and level up your hookah experience to pristine heights!


MOB Hookah Molasses Catcher Features

  • Relish in that “clean hookah” lifestyle with this molasses catcher!
  • Easy to install and will fit most hookahs, just install under the bowl and on top of the ash tray
  • Screw on lid and rubber grommets for easy maintenance and care
  • Measurements: Approx. 3” height | 2” diameter
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