Mob Hookah Pasha

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Identifier Code S667449

MOB Hookah - The Pasha


The MOB Hookah The Pasha is a divine and refined hookah that elevates your hookah experience to royal levels! The Pasha hookah exemplifies elegant design with its full glass and stainless steel architecture. This incredible hookah features a hollow foot, tempered glass base that gives your smoke ample room to bubble and filtrate, resulting in smooth, puffy clouds on the exhale. Equipped with a generous diffused downstem, the Pasha is all about treating you like royalty and giving you unmatched tokes and puffs throughout your time with this hookah. The Pasha is great for one-on-one seshes, or an intimate sesh with a homie, with its single hose port. A gracious feature of the Pasha is its external purge valve, which gives you the green light to expel stale smoke without putting your smoke sesh to an end. The lavish metal tray and complementary clay bowl of the Pasha hookah amplifies your hookah extravaganzas by giving you all you need to get right down to business. With the MOB Pasha Hookah, you’ll revel in royalty and delicious seshes 24/7!


MOB Hookah - The Pasha Features

  • Smoke like a king, or queen, with this elegant hookah
  • Tempered glass, hollow foot base
  • Stainless steel diffused downstem
  • Singular, slip-on hose port
  • Purge valve
  • Metal tray with clay bowl
  • Golden accents
  • Available in 2 color options


Includes: Matching clay bowl, rubber grommets, washable slip-on hookah hose with metal tip, set-up instructions.


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