Mob Marek

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code GL210000009069

Go Far and Wide with the MOB Marek Water Pipe!

Just like any devoted glass owner, MOB incorporates names that are perfect to a glass piece’s ability and features. With the MOB Marek Water Pipe stays true to its warlike name! The Marek Water Pipe features an insanely wide rimmed base making this product armed and ready for battle. This beaker base water pipe is crafted from the best of the best borosilicate glass, which is the perfect armor for this warrior piece. The Marek’s straight neck and flared mouthpiece allows all of your smoke seshes to pack a speedy punch. The Marek Water Pipe features a 14mm joint piece with a fixed perc downstem. This water pipe’s fixed downstem is equipped with an attached slitted percolator making sure all hits are effective and smooth in process. The MOB Marek Water Pipe features solid blue slime color accents on its neck and mouthpiece along with a glass blown flower-of-life graphic on the base. The MOB Marek Water Pipe is truly a warrior, and a piece you’d want on the frontlines of your glass collection.

MOB Marek Water Pipe Features

  • Savor warrior design with this beaker base water pipe
  • Elevated wide-rimmed base and flared mouthpiece
  • Straight neck with lipped splash guard
  • 45-degree joint with fixed perc downstem
  • Slitted perc
  • Comes with free 14mm male slide with handle
  • Solid color blue slime accents on neck and mouthpiece
  • MOB branded logo 
  • Flower-of-life on base
  • Measurements: Approx. 8” height | 4” base diameter 
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