Mob Mulcher The Don 4-Piece

Brand: Mob Mulcher
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Get Down to the Grind! Introducing the MOB Mulcher The Don - 4 Piece


All dry herb and bud users know the struggle of the intense workout that comes when grinding their flower, only to find nugs that literally didn’t make the cut when it’s time to pack and load a fat bowl. The struggle is now over with the MOB Mulcher The Don - 4 piece! This incredible grinder is made to break down the most dense, sticky dry herb. The Don - 4 piece features illustrious design blended with a distinguished aesthetic. This metallic grinder is made for durability, so this member of the MOB family can be with you for the long-haul. The Don - 4 Piece is not only extremely durable, but has some of the sharpest teeth a grinder has to offer. The diagonal cut of its teeth allows for your dry herb to be finely ground with minimal resistance and struggle in the process; this grinder is sharp enough to cut through virtually anything! The Don - 4 Piece features a top lid and lower, inner grinding plates to ensure efficiency when using this product. The small holes inside its lower grinding plate allows for ground debris to vacate, and is accompanied by a fine-wire mesh screen to capture your ground herb. The bottom of The Don - 4 Piece is a gold mine for all tokers to find collected pollen from the grinder to make even the fattest bowls a delicacy! You don’t want to miss out on the MOB Mulcher The Don - 4 Piece.


MOB The Don - 4 Piece Features

  • Relish in supreme grinding of your favorite dry herb!
  • 4 piece grinder with metallic body
  • Top lid and lower, inner grinding plates
  • Extremely sharp, diagonal cut teeth
  • Fine-wire mesh screen
  • Comes with a pollen catch with a scraper
  • MOB branded logo 
  • Measurements: Approx. 2” height | 2” diameter
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