Mob OG Hanger Smoke

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code S109022

Nothing says "nostaligia" like the MOB Glass OG Hanger Dab Rig

The beautifully sculpted MOB Glass OG Hanger is the ideal mix of great style and high function. The piece stands approximately 5-inches tall and features a fixed stem / stemless design with a single inline percolator. Offering great smoke diffusion and filtering, the MOB Glass OG Hanger is all about savoring your favorite concentrates. This piece is the ultimate flavor saver with a bent neck that prevents water splashback while inhaling. The reinforced 14mm female joint perfectly fits any 14mm male dab nail or bowl. The wide-set foundation keeps your MOB Glass OG Hanger from tipping over while passing around. The neck is angled, which gives you easier access, and the flared colored lip provides you with added comfort. You will love the eye-catching features such as the Mob logo on the neck and the gorgeous tree of life symbol at the bottom. Each MOB Glass OG Hanger comes in a variety of colored lip options. This dab rig comes with a coordinating MOB Glass Mini Dab Slide. A crowd-pleaser, this mini dab rig would make a welcome addition to any scientific glass collection.

MOB Glass OG Hanger Dab Rig Features

  • Approx. 5-inches in height
  • Single inline perc
  • Bent neck design with MOB Logo
  • Flared colored lip
  • Broad foundation prevents spills and tip-overs
  • Reinforced 14mm female joint
  • Comes with MOB branded micro dot slide
  • Crafted from borosilicate glass
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