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For the Budding Dreamer Meet the MOB Glass Optimist Water Pipe

This eye-catching MOB Glass Optimist Water Pipe is a great medium-sized rig that works with your favorite flower or dabs. The hourglass shape, along with the bent neck, helps prevent water from climbing up the tube and into your mouth. This water pipe rig offers a plethora of features designed to give your super smooth and tasty hits. Crafted from premium borosilicate glass, the MOB Glass Optimist Water Pipe is all about high-performance filtering and great tasting hits. The tapered design is engineered for natural resistance to splashing, as the slitted orb perc at the base diffuses your smoke for smoother and cooler rips. The 90-degree joint has two entry points. The higher joint lets the smoke swirl around the upper internal orb, which then helps push the smoke down into the eight-stem internal perc that helps purify the smoke even more. A captivating piece, the MOB Glass Optimist Water Pipe, has color accents on the orb perc base and lip, which makes it a stand-out for any collection, making this lovely piece ready for its place in the spotlight on your table. 

MOB Glass Optimist Water Pipe Features

  • Hourglass-shaped water pipe perfect for flower or concentrates
  • Made from premium clear borosilicate glass
  • Slitted colored orb diffuser at base and 8-stem perc
  • Exceptional smoke filtering
  • 90-degree joint
  • Curved mouthpiece for extra smoking comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Flared lip with color accent
  • Broad base for added stability
  • Mob Glass branding
  • 10-inches in height | 4-inch base
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