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Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code A000700

Never come down with the MOB Glass Oracle Seed of Life Water Pipe

With a design that stands the test of time, the MOB Glass Oracle Water Pipe provides exceptional form, function and airflow. This straight tube water pipe is 16-inches tall and features two innovative flower of life perc inside and double chamber filtration. Eliminate hot, dry rips from your life with a perfectly percolating work of art. The top-feeding seed of life perc at the base does not disrupt the microbubbles, while the top flower perc serves as an additional smoke filtering for super smooth, clean hits. The unique glasswork design and colored accents give this already stunning piece a stylish flair. The flared base is 4-inches in diameter, providing you with additional sturdiness and stability on any surface. The curved neck and flared color accented lip offers more comfort while smoking. The 18mm female joint comes with an 18mm male slide with a handle. The MOB Glass Oracle Water Pipe has all the elements that make any straight tube great while adding a fun pop of color to any sesh.

MOB Glass Oracle Water Pipe Features

  • Crafted from thick borosilicate glass
  • Double chamber seed of life perc filtration
  • 90-degree 18mm female stem line
  • Incredible smoke cooling
  • Curved neck and flared lip for added smoking comfort
  • Provides fantastic function and filtration
  • Measurements: 16" tall | 4" base diameter
  • Available in eye-catching colors
  • Comes with 18mm male slide with handle
  • MOB branded logo on neck
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