Mob Reinforced Double Tree Beaker

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code GL210000009205

No Need for Backup with the MOB Glass Reinforced Double Tree Beaker!

The MOB Glass Reinforced Double Tree Beaker takes your smoke seshes to the sky with this premium beaker water pipe. The MOB Reinforced Double Tree Beaker is crafted from quality borosilicate glass and features a beaker base to keep this piece standing with confidence and stability! The Double Tree Beaker is equipped with a removable diffused downstem that works in alliance with its impressive double tree percolators. All of your hits with this beaker base water pipe will be lavish and smooth, with no room for complaints or strife. The Double Tree Beaker’s straight neck comes in clutch with an ice pinch and bubble mouthpiece to ensure your throat will stay at ease and your suction will be top-tier. This beaker water pipe adds personal flair to your smoking experience by being outfitted in colored accents on the percolator, branded logos, and mouthpiece in your choice of two wicked colors! The MOB Glass Reinforced Double Tree Beaker brings your smoking experience to top-tier levels, and is an essential piece to include in your glass collection!

MOB Glass Reinforced Double Tree Beaker Features

  • Relish in sky-high design with this beaker base water pipe
  • Crafted from durable borosilicate glass
  • Straight neck with bubbled mouthpiece
  • Ice pinch
  • Stacked double tree percolators
  • 45-degree removable diffused downstem
  • Colored accents
  • Available in 2 color choices
  • Measurements: Approx. 15" height | 5" base diameter
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