Mob Sidecar

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The MOB Glass Sidecar Bubbler Gets the Party Started

Transport yourself with a smoke sesh using the MOB Glass Sidecar Bubbler. This affordable glass water pipe provides you with smooth, flavorful hits you've come to expect from Cloud 9 Smoke Co. The most interesting of designs, the MOB Glass Sidecar Bubbler, gets its name from a motorcycle's sidecar. The flared mouthpiece on this water pipe creates a natural splashguard preventing pull through as you smoke. Plus, the 45-degree angle of the neck makes your sesh fell more comfortable. And boosting your experience even more is the innovation snowman percolator, all designed to give you outstanding filtration and super-smooth hits. Our fans love this upright bubbler and use it as their daily driver because of its thick glass construction and stable base that prevents tip-overs. The mouthpiece is flat and is the perfect distance from your bowl. The fixed downstem extends into the chamber and tunnels your smoke through the water and micro-slitted percolator.

This luxurious MOB Glass piece is complete with MOB Glass decal on the main chamber's front side. Grab yourself a new daily driver today at an unbeatable price!

MOB Glass Sidecar Bubbler Features

  • Compatible with dry herbs or concentrates
  • Premium clear borosilicate glass
  • Clean-cut snowman perc
  • Fixed Diffuser Downstem
  • Colored flared mouthpiece
  • Sidecar Neck
  • Comes with MOB Glass Mini Dab Bowl
  • 3" inch Wide Base
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