Mob ST Hanger

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code S109017

Smoke in Style with MOB Glass Straight Tube Hanger Water Pipe

The new MOB Glass Straight Tube Hanger water pipe features a thick glass straight tube, fused stemline, ice pinch, and showerhead percolator to separate your smoke for maximum diffusion and provides super-smooth rips. The straightforward design with fixed downstem prevent wear and damage and keeps water from splashing out. The premium borosilicate glass adds extra durability, while the colored lip and MOB micro dot slide bowl creates a distinctive aesthetic. The 90-degree, 14mm joint lets you use your favorite banger and comes with a colored dot slide with MOB logo design. The MOB Glass Straight Tube Hanger is available in several eye-catching colors and is the perfect statement piece for any water pipe collection. 

MOB Glass Straight Tube Hanger Water Pipe Features

  • Straight tube design with a slightly wider base
  • Fixed downstem with showerhead perc
  • Designed with an ice pinch
  • MOB branded logo
  • Measurements: 8-inches tall | 3.5" base diameter
  • Joint size 14mm
  • Comes with MOB branded micro dot slide
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