Mob Traveler

Brand: Mob Glass
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Lay Out the Map; It’s Time to Toke and Travel! Introducing the MOB Traveler


Paving the way of your smoking trajectory is the MOB Traveler! This tiny but mighty water pipe features lustrous tubing crafted from borosilicate glass. The MOB Traveler is armored up with design and functionality any toker could never steer away from. The Traveler comes equipped with a 90-degree fixed joint piece paired with a triple-diffy downstem. This compact water pipe makes your smoking experience special by giving your smoke the perfect chamber to diffuse effortlessly while keeping its potency alive and well. The Traveler’s bent neck and splash guard features provide you with leisurely seshes that are rid of any splash interferences. With this pipe, all hits will be golden and full of flavorful smoke! The MOB Traveler is outfitted with symmetrical marbled accents on its joint piece and body and features colored accents on its marble and mouthpiece. This water pipe is made to guide you through your smoking extravaganzas!


MOB Traveler Features

  • Relish in high quality smoke seshes with this water pipe
  • Borosilicate glass craftsmanship
  • 90-degree fixed downstem with triple-diffy perc
  • 14mm roll-stop male slide
  • Bent neck with splash guard
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Symmetrical marbled accents
  • Colored accents
  • MOB branded logo
  • Available in 4 color choices
  • Measurements: Approx. 6” height | 3” base diameter
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