Mob Versailles Tree Beaker

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code GL210000008368

Executive Luxury Mob Glass Versailles Tree Perc Beaker

You don't have to travel to France to enjoy a bougie lifestyle. You can have it sitting right there on your coffee table. Introducing the MOB Glass Versailles Tree Perc Beaker features a 6-arm tree perc, 3-pinch ice catcher, removable diffused downstem, and colored glass that pulls it all together. You will love every sumptuous detail that went into making the MOB Glass Versailles Tree Perc Beaker, such as the colored glass beveled mouthpiece, colored joint rim, and colored tree perc that filters your smoke and turns into a symphony of flavor. The beaker base offers you balanced stability for an incredible sesh every time. Handling this work of art is effortless too. Although made entirely from premium borosilicate glass, this tree perc beaker is easy to grip and pass around. 

Mob Glass Versailles Tree Perc Beaker Features

  • Crafted from premium-high grade borosilicate glass
  • Stunning colored glass accents
  • 6-arm tree perc 
  • 3-pinch ice catcher
  • Removeable diffused downstem
  • Beveled glass rim on mouthpiece
  • MOB branded logo on neck and base
  • 45-degree 18mm female joint
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