Mob Wig Wag Zig Zag 14mm Zebra

Brand: Mob Glass
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Identifier Code A000475

Wiggin’ Out Over the MOB Wig Wag Zig Zag!


All avid bud users deserve to add some spice into their water pipe setup, and the MOB Wig Wag Zig Zag slide is here to deliver! This 14mm male slide is able to be paired with any 14mm female jointed water pipes, making this the perfect “go-to” slide for any sesh. The Wig Wag Zig Zag incorporates intricate glass blown wig wag designs which gives this piece an insanely trippy aesthetic. It’s no doubt you may get lost gazing upon this incredible slide! This bubble-shaped slide features 3 nubs to assist in handling and serves as faithful roll-stoppers. The bucket of the MOB Wig Wag Zig Zag is made to serve any bud user who chooses to back bowls to the brim or for those who prefer quick snaps; this piece is versatile to all tokers of all walks of life. This slide is an impressive asset to have as part of your smoking experience!


MOB Wig Wag Zig Zag Features

  • Make all your smoke seshes pristine and pleasing with this slide
  • Bubble-shaped 14mm male slide
  • 3 nubs for comfortable handling with roll-stop capabilities
  • Welcomes all walks of life- perfect bowl size for fat bowls or quick snaps
  • Intricate wig-wag design
  • Measurements: Approx. 2” height | 1” diameter
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