Mob Wizard

Brand: Mob Glass
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Discover your wicked inner alter-ego with the MOB Glass Wizard 12 Arm Tree Straight Tube

As if almost by magic, the MOB Glass Wizard 12 Arm Tree Straight Tube manifests mondo rips for the most mystical smoking experience. Measuring at a whopping 18", this water pipe features a three slitted 12-arm tree perc situated in the center chamber and a seed of life disc perc in the base. As if that weren't enough to cast a spell on you, watch as the smoke is filters through the seed of life perc and moves upward to the center chamber where the fixed tree does its magic of creating cool and smooth hits. This scientific glass water pipe is constructed from thick premium-grade Borosilicate glass and has a meaty 4-inch base that keeps it from being knocked over. Adding to the Wizard 12 Arm Tree Straight Tube's mystique is a Dewar's joint that helps keep your joint steady and stable. A Dewar's joint helps with the stability and overall durability of the water pipe. This straight tube has stunning colored glass around the base, topping the tree perc, and the flared mouthpiece. The included 14mm male flower bowl make this wizard ready to enjoy straight out of the box.

MOB Glass Wizard 12 Arm Tree Straight Tube Features

  • Water pipe made from heavy-duty borosilicate glass
  • 12-arm 3-slitted tree perc fixed into center chamber
  • Seed of life disc perc in the base
  • Colored glass accenting the flared mouthpiece, base, and tree perc
  • Stunning structural design that is highly functional
  • 14mm female Dewar's joint for added durability
  • Measurements: 18" in Height | 4.5" Base Diameter
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