Olympus Atom

Brand: Olympus
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Without an Atom, Nothing Matters! Rolling out the Olympus Atom Water Pipe

Olympus blows the Big Bang out of the water with their innovative Atom Water Pipe. The Olympus Atom Water Pipe rings true to original design with its compact body, colored accents, and ball matrix found at the top of the perc! This water pipe’s wide base will ensure fallovers are a thing of the past, and will keep your piece sturdy on nearly all surfaces. The Atom Water Pipe features a bent neck which is perfect for table or desk hits. Its compact size of 7” suits up for portability and quick couch seshes. With atoms in mind, this water pipe’s structure brandishes a spherical shape with a ball matrix you can marvel over when looking at the body of your piece. Equipped with a showerhead perc, its radial symmetry will evenly distribute your smoke for a smooth, effortless hit. Durability is key with this water pipe and is made from premium-grade borosilicate glass. The Olympus Atom Water Pipe comes with a 14mm female joint piece so you can choose the perfect slide to accompany it. Choose from a variety of jaw-dropping colors!

Olympus Atom Water Pipe Features

  • Original design with spherical shape and ball matrix
  • Compact design optimal for portability and small-handed homies
  • Crafted from stable borosilicate glass 
  • 90 degree joint with showerhead perc
  • Colored accents
  • Bent neck
  • Olympus branded logo on the base
  • Measurements: 7" in height | 3” base diameter
  • Available in 3 color options
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