Olympus Champagne Bottle

Brand: Olympus
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Time to Skip Wine Night! Presenting the Olympus Champagne Bottle Water Pipe

Olympus swings from the traditional water pipe design with its Champagne Bottle water pipe! Welcoming all avid wine moms and tokers alike- this product is something that entices all from near and far. It’s sleek, tasteful, and sturdy design will always please its users with every sesh. Whether it’s movie night, date night, or a just a quick sesh before bed, the hype of ordinary champagne will soon be replaced with comforts of the Olympus Champagne Bottle Water Pipe. Its stacked matrix perc will deliver smooth hits with a stable level of pull-resistance. To add comfort, the ice-catcher feature of the Champagne Bottle will soothe any tender throat. It’s compact size of 7” welcomes any newbie to the toking culture, and is great for up-and-go lifestyles. The Champagne Bottle’s fixed 14 mm joint piece is accompanied with a male flower bowl with a reliable roll stopper. To contribute to this refined experience, Olympus has sophisticated color choices for all of the Champagne Bottles. Kiss your wine nights goodbye, and say hello to champagne nights with the Olympus Champagne Bottle Water Pipe!

Olympus Champagne Bottle Water Pipe Features

  • Sophisticated design with color accents
  • Crafted from borosilicate glass
  • Stable rimmed base and flared mouthpiece
  • 90-degree joint with fixed stacked matrix perc
  • Complimentary 14 mm male slide with roll-stop
  • Ice catcher in the neck
  • Olympus graphic on the neck
  • Measurements: 7” in height | 3” base diameter
  • Come with FREE 14mm male flower bowl
  • Available in 3 color options
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