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Panda Stick Variable Voltage Concentrate Vaporizer

If you're looking for a simple pen battery for pre-filled cartridges, the Panda Stick is for you! This simple and discreet battery is everything you need to get started. The Panda Stick utilizes a single-button mechanism, making it super easy and user-friendly. Additionally, the Panda Stick features 3 different variable voltage settings, a preheat function, and LED light indicators. 5 clicks of the button turns your device on and off, this helps prolong the battery's life as you can turn it off between your seshes! 2 clicks of the button starts the preheat, and 3 clicks adjusts the voltage to give you more control over your concentrated oils! 

Adjust the voltage from 3.3V-3.6V-4.0V by clicking the button three times! You will know the voltage setting by the color your device flashes! A red ligh indicates 3.3V, mixed light indicates 3.6V, and blue ligh indicates 4.0V

To charge your 450mAh capacity device, simply screw on the included 510 charger and plug it in.

This device fits 510 threaded cartridges, the standard size for cartridges.

Panda Stick Variable Voltage Concentrate Vaporizer Features

  • 450mAh Internal Battery
  • 3.3V-3.6V-4.0V
  • Single Button Firing Mechanism
  • Assorted Colors 
  • 5 Clicks on / off
  • 2 Clicks to start preheat
  • 3 Clicks to adjust voltage
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