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Identifier Code VA210000008475
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Happy Dabs! Introducing the Innovation Panda Punch Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

It may look small, but don't let the Panda Punch Portable Concentrate Vaporizer fool you. This hot little ditty concentrate atomizer packs a mighty punch, giving you incredible flavor and epic clouds. Riding the wave between portability and functionality, the Panda Punch is one of the best e-nails on the market. Whether you're a beginner or an avid concentrate enthusiast, this concentrate atomizer is easy to use and comes with a ceramic bowl, a dab tool that also serves as a carb cap, and a detachable borosilicate glass bubbler attachment. The Panda Punch feels hefty in your hand, especially for its small size and materials, and lets you enjoy a high-end vaping experience without breaking your budget. Measuring at approximately 5-inches in height, the Panda Punch Portable Concentrate Vaporizer fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and offers three temperature controls with a rapid pre-heat session. Each temperature setting includes smart calibration and has a control sensor that keeps you dialed into a consistent and optimal vape sesh. The Panda Punch features a long battery life with over 40 hits on a single charge. The simple design makes maintaining and cleaning a snap. When it comes to performance, the Panda Punch Portable Concentrate Rig leads the pack!

Panda Punch Portable Concentrate Vaporizer Features

  • Handheld portable vaporizer designed for waxes, oils and concentrates
  • Premium design that features detachable borosilicate glass bubbler, dab tool/carb cap, ceramic bowl
  • Compact design lets you take the Panda Punch anywhere
  • Three temperature settings: Low 280-degrees | Med. 320-degrees | High 350-degrees
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand
  • 1350mAh battery
  • Ten-second pre-heat, 20-second sessions
  • USB Type-C cable for recharging

Panda Punch Portable Concentrate Vaporizer Packaging

1x Panda Punch Vaporizer

1x Borosilicate Glass Bubbler

1x Carb Cap/Dab Tool

2x Extra O-Rings

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