Panda Punch Pro Replacement Quartz Bowl

Brand: Panda Pen
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Identifier Code VA210000009431
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Stay Locked and Loaded with the Panda Punch Pro Quartz Bowl!


The new age of concentrate vaporizers are coming in full-swing. With all high-tech devices, there comes a time when parts need to be replaced. For the beloved Panda Punch Pro, we have got the hookup for Panda Punch Pro Quartz Bowl replacements! The Quartz Bowls are perfect for optimal terpene absorption, clean heat retention, and are able to ramp up to some high heats! These bowls are partnered with the notable PSci brand, making them some of the highest quality replacement bowls out there. The Panda Punch Pro Quartz Bowls come in packs of 3, which brings convenience to your lock-and-loading routine! 


Panda Punch Ceramic Bowl Features

  • Enjoy easy bowl replacement for the Panda Punch Pro!
  • Crafted from quartz material perfect for
    • Optimal terpene absorption
    • Quality heat retention
    • Withstanding high heats
  • Partnered with PSci, making these pristine in quality
  • Comes in packs of 3
  • Measurements: 13mm height | 13mm diameter


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