Psci Clear Insert

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Identifier Code S103427

Psci Quartz Insert

Want the functionality of a thermal banger without paying the full price? Look no further! The Psci Quartz insert can be inserted in a flat top banger to give you the functionality of a thermal banger. Unlike a thermal banger, the Psci Quartz insert can be used in a variety of ways with several functions. 

How to use

  • Place the empty Insert into the head of the banger at room temperature. Then proceed to heat your banger as you normally would. The heat will transfer from the quartz banger to the quartz dish, giving you the functionality of a Thermal Banger. This is best for large dabs.
  • Hold the insert with reverse tweezers and heat the insert alone, then place it into the room temp banger and wait as long as you would normally to apply the dab. Once the vapor has cleared, remove the insert and clean with Tip Tech or Glob Mop Cotton Swabs. This is best for smaller dabs and keeping your banger clean.
  • With everything at room temp, load your preferred size dab into the insert, and then heat the your Flat Top Banger as you normally would. Once you have it at your desired temp, place the pre-loaded insert into the heated banger head. This gives you the best flavor and is great for lower temperature dabs. 
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