Psci Concave Banger

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Waste not! Want not -- with the PSci Concave Quartz Banger 14mm

The PSci Concave Quartz Banger offers plenty of dabbing benefits. The concave design allows your concentrate's room to circulate, thus creating a well-balanced and efficient vaporization. The rounded base prevents your concentrates from being trapped in corners and settling in one place. The 4mm thick base is like having a deep dish that helps prevent your oils or waxes from escaping down the neck. The even flat top creates a tight seal when used with a carp cap. The thick thermal quartz has plenty of heat retention and can withstand being reheated over and over again.

PSci Concave Quartz Banger Features

  • Rounded-bottom quartz banger
  • Prevents your concentrates from waste
  • 4mm thick base
  • Thermal glass can be reheated over and over again
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Choose from a variety of joint sizes and angles
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