PSci Dichro Carb Cap

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Dab in Intergalactical Realms with the PSci Dichro Carb Cap

The PSci Dichro Carb Cap brings elements of starry skies and intergalactic travels to your dabbing experience. The dichroic elements of this carb cap are made when an artist has stacked layers of glass and aluminum to give the piece shifting colors when it is positioned in various exposures to light. The Dichro Carb Cap encapsulates any looker with its entracing color-shifting features, reminiscent to a starry night. This carb cap’s architecture takes the form of a bubble, providing flexibility to your airflow and increased production of vapor. The wide-rimmed tip of this carb cap gives you the perfect handle to maneuver airflow and securely grip your carb cap with no fear of it slipping from your hands. The PSci Dichro Carb Cap’s functionality and intricate design makes this carb cap a pristine choice to contribute to your dab set up!

PSci Dichro Carb Cap Features

  • Relish in the intergalactica with this dichroic carb cap
  • Optimal airflow flexibility with its bubble-shaped architecture 
  • Wide-rimmed tip perfect for maneuvering and handling
  • Borosilicate glass craftsmanship
  • Available in three different colors
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