Psci Gavel Banger

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PSci Gavel Quartz Banger14mm

The PSci Gavel Quartz Banger calls all shots in the dabbing experience! This 14mm quartz banger is ready to be paired with any 14mm male-jointed water pipe, dab rig, or bubbler. The PSci Gavel Reactor is made from unrefined quartz, featuring a white-bottomed base thicker than traditional quartz bangers. This banger is ready to retain all heat and savor your terpenes in the process! The PSci Gavel is a thick, sturdy banger equipped to make all hits hassle-free and quick to the point. This incredible banger is all about convenience, durability, and quality. It’s no doubt the Gavel is an essential to your dabbing experience!

PSci Gavel 14mm Features

  • Crafted from thick, layered quartz
  • Dense, unrefined quartz bottom optimal for heat retention
  • PSci branded logo
  • Available in 45 or 90-degree angles
  • Please note: Heat only the bottom of the banger
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