Psci GTS UFO Carb Cap

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Identifier Code B000844

Good Times with the PSci GTS UFO Carb Cap!

We all know the science and art of dabbing makes for stupid fun times and memorable moments with the homies. The PSci GTS UFO Carb Cap is here to deliver to the culture of dabbing with its functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing design! The GTS Carb Cap features a layered quartz body with a bell-shaped top eqan elevated handle to give you the best grip when capping off your concentrate vapor. This carb cap is garnished with diagonal grooves in its base to allow for a vortex motion of airflow, leaving all the work to the PSci GTS UFO! The GTS UFO Carb cap is ready to complement any quartz banger in your collection, and is autographed by the PSci legends on the body of this carb cap. The PSci GTS UFO Carb Cap is an excellent, must-have for your dabbing experience!

PSci GTS UFO Carb Cap Features

  • Layered quartz body
  • Extended handle for optimal grip
  • Bell-shaped architecture 
  • Grooved bottom for vortex style airflow
  • PSci logo on body
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