Psci Mini Wig Wag Cap

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Identifier Code A000218

The Swirl Next Door --  PSCi Mini Wig Wag Bubble Cap

Designed with a snub nose tip, the PSci Mini Wing Wage Bubble Cap helps evenly spread your favorite concentrates, oils, or waxes so you can get the most flavor. The bubble shape offers you easy handling and measures 38mm long and 22mm in diameter. Fun Fact: The Wig Wag design is created by preparing various sticks of glass color rods inside a large glass tube and is then seal via a vacuum pump. The artist carefully heats the glass sticks together, fusing them while the vacuum pump removes excess air. The mixture of colors and patterns swirling into a tight little spiral in the middle is a real attention grabber. Compatible with most banger styles, the PSci Wig Wag Bubble cap is a colorful addition to any concentrate enthusiasts collection. 

PSci Mini Wig Wag Bubble Cap Features

  • Crafted for premium borosilicate glass
  • It may be mini, but sure is mighty
  • Gorgeous swirls of color
  • Fit with most banger styles
  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Measurements: 38mm long | 22mm diameter
  • Color may vary from photo
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