Psci Thermo Banger

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Identifier Code S103554

Perfect Timed Dabs Everytime with the PSci Thermo Quartz Banger

There no banger like the PSci Thermo Quartz Banger. This banger can be used on a waterpipe, bubbler, dab rig, beaker with a 14mm female connection. This 90-degree angle quartz banner has two layers of glass with colored fritted glass in between, which is more convenient than using a timer. The fritted glass turn bright orange whenever you reach the appropraite temperature. According to dab enthusiasts, this PSci Thermo Quartz Banger is one of the best-selling nails on the market. 

PSci Thermo Quartz Banger Features

  • 14mm male | 90-degree banger
  • Layer quartz with yellow fritted glass in between
  • Fritted glass turns bright orange when reaching the correct temp
  • Please Note: Heat only the bottom of the nail
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