Vadra Eden

Brand: Vadra
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Identifier Code HK210000006959

Vadra Eden Hookah

An aesthetically eye-catching masterpiece, the Vadra Eden Hookah will be a standout in any Hookah collection. With the heavy-duty stainless steel screw-on down stem, you can assemble, disassemble, and clean in just a few minutes. Standing at 17-inches tall, the Vadra Eden Hookah features a powder-coated stainless steel stem contrasting black and white that is beyond stunning. The ultra-thick glass base is 7-inches tall with a broad 4-inch wide base. This single-hose Hookah is a performance monster, offering you tons of flavor and epic, thick smoke clouds. The incredible design and the right size makes it perfect for daily use and offer you super easy handling. With clean lines and a sophisticated design, this Hookah is a conversation piece. Order your Vadra Eden Hookah today!

Vadra Eden Hookah Features

  • 100% stainless steel Hookah stem
  • Medium-size Hookah
  • Convenient purge valve to expel stale smoke
  • Screw-on stem to super thick glass vase
  • Single hose design
  • 10-inch diameter tempered glass coal tray
  • Measurements: 17-inches in height | 4" base diameter 
  • Includes: premium Hookah tongs, complementary matching clay bowl, slip-in Hookah hose, step-up instructions


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