Vadra Foil Poker

Brand: Vadra
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Identifier Code HK210000006944

Foil Poking Just Got Easier! Introducing the Vadra Foil Poker


It’s time to put away all at-home items and DIY projects for foil poking! The Vadra Foil Poker has arrived to make all hookah users’ foil poking experience a doozy. The Vadra Foil Poker is a sharp, easy to use foil poker to throw into your hookah set up routine. It’s narrow, pointed metal tip is made to effortlessly poke through your favorite foil. The Foil Poker features a rounded, smooth handle for comfortable gripping, and assists in giving you precise incisions to your foil with every poke. The marvelous Vadra Foil Poker is here to alleviate all stresses and headaches of traditional foil poking experience, and is a “must-have” to make your hookah setup a breeze!


Vadra Foil Poker Features

  • Make your foil poking routine fast and efficient with this poker!
  • Extended, narrow, and sharp tip for precise poking
  • Rounded, smooth handle for comfortable gripping
  • Measurements: Approx. 6” length
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