Vadra Hose Brush

Brand: Vadra
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Identifier Code HK210000006939

Stay Fresh and Clean with the Vadra Hose Brush!

The Vadra Hose Brush is a small brush made to clean your favorite hookah hoses with ease and breeze! The Vadra Hose Brush is made with dense bristles that taper to a point to ensure that even the smallest crannies of your hose will be spick and span for the next smoke sesh. The durable materials of the Vadra Hose Brush will rid your hose of any residue or bacteria when paired with your favorite cleaning solution. All hookah enthusiasts know that without a clean hose, the flavor of our favorite shishas will not pull through. The Vadra Hose Brush is here to make sure your hookah experiences stay on-par and are full of flavor!


Vadra Hose Brush Features

  • Savor clean hookah hoses with this hookah brush!
  • Extended body with dense bristles
  • Tapered bristle formation to reach all nooks and crannies
  • Helps to provide pristine shisha flavor by giving you a clean hose!
  • Durable materials for extended lifespan
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