Vadra Ness

Brand: Vadra
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Identifier Code HK210000008747

Vadra Ness Multi-Hose Hookah

Create a simple and elegant get together with the Vadra Ness Hookah. Like a modern skyscraper, the Vadra Ness is a complete work of art. This four-hose Hookah features an artist stem with yellow and black acrylic jewels that complement the stunning amber base. The vase grommet securely connects the stem to the glass vase. With a four-hose hookah, you smoke sessions just became more social. Measuring at 24-inches tall, this Hookah is an overachiever when it comes to performance and function. The base is a whopping 10-inches in diameter, which offers you optimal balance and sturdiness, especially when used by multiple people. To use, add water, insert the aluminum stem, attach the free matching ceramic bowl along with your favorite coals and shisha! The Cadra Ness Hookah is an ultra-modern piece that is sure to impress and Hookah enthusiast! 

Vadra Ness Multi-Hose Hookah Feature

  • Measurements: 24" in height | 10" base diameter
  • Stylish contour amber glass vase with ultra-wide base
  • Aluminum stem
  • Multi-hose capacity
  • Includes: premium Hookah tongs, complementary matching ceramic bowl, rubber grommets, four washable hoses, step-up instructions
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