Vadra Liberty

Brand: Vadra
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Identifier Code HK210000006950

Vadra Liberty Hookah

With the Vadra Liberty Hookah, you are free to enjoy the most extraordinary smoking experience. Unlike traditional Hookah's, the Liberty has an unconventional design that offers superior function and performance. The clear acrylic panels let you watch the water bubble and smoke swirl through its watertight panel. The screw-on aluminum stem takes convenience to a whole new level, while the diffuser clarifies your smoke for a fantastic burst of flavor. A new twist in Hookah design, the Vadra Liberty is a modern and minimalist treat at an affordable price. Order yours today!

Vadra Liberty Hookah Features

  • Mobile and compact Hookah design
  • Uncompromised performance and easy to use
  • Screw-on aluminum stem with diffuser
  • Thick acrylic body and watertight seal
  • U-shaped water reservoir
  • Slip-on Hookah hose port
  • Measurements: 9.5" in height | 10" in width | 3.5" in-depth
  • It comes with a 100% medical-grade vortex funnel bowl
  • Includes: premium Hookah tongs, slip-on rubber Hookah hose, step-up instructions
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