Vadra Stem Brush

Brand: Vadra
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Identifier Code HK210000006963

No More Icky Stems with the Vadra Stem Brush!


All avid hookah users know that after a sweet, leisurely sesh the remnants of sticky shisha resin linger about in their stem. Without a clean hookah stem, we can’t enjoy the scrumptious flavor of our favorite shisha! With the Vadra Stem Brush, the quality and flavor of your shisha and seshes will be kept in top-tier shape. The Vadra Stem Brush is made to reduce your cleaning time and effortlessly reach all of the stubborn areas of your hookah stem. All you have to do is grab your cleaning solution and throw this Stem Brush in place of your hold cleaning tools. You’ll notice an incredible difference in time, quality, and freshness at the end of your care and maintenance routine! The Vadra Stem Brush features an extended body with twirled bristles to clean even the longest, dirtiest stem. This Stem Brush comes in clutch with its flared handle to keep your grip firm, sturdy, and most importantly, comfortable! The Vadra Stem Brush is here to keep your hookah in tip-top shape, and won’t harm or scratch your hookah stem in the process.


Vadra Stem Brush Features

  • Make hookah maintenance and care a breeze with this stem brush!
  • Extended stem brush designed with coiled bristles for precise cleaning
  • Made from durable materials for extended lifespan
  • Flared handle for comfortable, sturdy gripping and handling
  • Measurements: Approx. 26” length
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