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Identifier Code HK210000006909

Vadra Tahoe Multi-Hose Hookah

Grab your friends for the ultimate Hookah party! The Vadra Tahoe Hookah is the perfect piece for beginners or avid smokers alike. This small tabletop-friendly shisha pipe stands at 20-inches tall and has a base diameter of 3-inches. This Hookah is a mighty workhorse that comes complete with an open aluminum downstem and a stunning jewel-toned shaft highlighting the bohemian base. This sweet piece lets you gather with friends and smoke all at once with its three-hose inserts. The most affordable Hookah in our collection, the Tahoe, also comes with a matching ceramic bowl and three washable hoses. Get yours today and start your smoking journey!


Vadra Tahoe Multi-Hose Hookah Features

  • Compact and portable tabletop Hookah 
  • Bohemian style base highlights the jewel-tone stem
  • Stunning thick colored glass vase
  • Equipped with three hose ports for multi-use smokers
  • Measurements: 20" in height | 3.5" base diameter
  • Includes: premium Hookah tongs, complementary matching ceramic bowl, rubber grommets, three washable hoses with acrylic tip, step-up instructions
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