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Identifier Code HK210000006960

Serve Hot Charcoals Like a Pro with the Vadra Professional Hookah Tongs


Ready to prestige your heat management game? The Vadra Professional Hookah Tongs are here to level up any hookah enthusiast’s heat management experience. Handling hot coals is always a precise, delicate science when it comes to hookah. The Vadra Professional Hookah Tongs come in clutch by providing a strong, and durable accessory to your hookah routine! The Professional Tongs’ badass “dagger” architecture and rigid ends allow for optimal grip and handling of your hot coals. These tongs are outfitted in a metallic body for supreme hot coal handling in a stunning blue color! The Vadra Professional Hookah Tongs’ size and precision capabilities allow for these tongs to be used with hookah coals of any size! These tongs are a sharp, intense addition to your hookah setup, and are ready to make you go pro.


Vadra Professional Hookah Tongs Features

  • Metallic, blue colored body with dagger-like design
  • Durable, forcep-style tongs
  • Sharp ended tongs with rigid grips to handle any size hookah charcoal
  • Measurements: Approx. 8” length 



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